Partnership with The Heat Company

Submitted by Thorsten on 15th January 2019

Taking on extreme challenges like Greenland or Antarctica doesn’t only require extensive planning and physical training, it also involves a lot of kit and money. Partnerships with and sponsorships from companies or organisations can go a long way in helping to overcome the logistical challenges and can make the difference between a dream expedition happening or remaining just a dream. We are already peeking past our upcoming Hardangervidda traverse, and are eyeing Greenland for 2020 and Antarctica later. To keep our adventure going, we are looking to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with organisations sharing our beliefs and values and manufacturers whose products we trust to be the very best for our expeditions. Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with The Heat Company.

The Heat Company are a manufacturer of excellent gloves and mitts, with a ton of smart features that make your life as an explorer easier. They originally designed their gloves for military use in the harshest conditions, but have become a favourite of photographers and camera crews as well.

The staple of their product line is the HEAT Layer System, where you can combine a selection of liner gloves with mitts and overmitts. All parts of the System link together, and the mitts have loops for your wrists so you can take any part on or off without worrying about losing them, even in strong winds. You can open the mitts if you need to operate more delicate gadgets or fiddle with small zips.

They also produce heat pads, which should be part of every 1st aid kit for cold adventures. They come in a vast number of shapes and sizes, from small pads designed to fit the pockets on the heat company gloves, to pads for your feet or neck.

Watch our blog for reviews of their products and news!

Partnership with The Heat Company


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