A partnership is about mutual trust and support. We are looking to build lasting beneficial relationships with organisations sharing our beliefs and values and manufacturers whose products we trust to be the very best for our expeditions. Since we are looking to achieve increasingly bigger and more challenging goals, this kind of support is vital for our adventures.

Here’s a list of great companies and organisations, who support us. Please go check them out!


Klättermusen are a Swedish manufacturer of high-quality mountaineering, hiking and trekking and expedition equipment.The company was founded in 1975 with the goal to combine utility and extreme durability in environmentally considerate designs and materials. Klättermusen supports us and other outdoor professionals with their Maximum Safety programme.

We are using a wide range of Klättermusen clothing and backpacks for our Polar expeditions and general outdoor activities. All their equipment is manufactures to the highest standards. Their products are exceptionally well thought-out and outdoor enthusiasts and professionals will immediately notice all the small details setting them apart from the competition, such as adjustable cuffs and hoods in every direction, zips that are easily operated with heavy mitts or the intelligent pocket placements.

We are absolutely in love with these clothes and heavily recommend them for your outdoor adventures – no matter how small or big your plans are.

The Heat Company

The Heat Company are a manufacturer of excellent gloves and mitts, with a ton of smart features that make your life as an explorer easier. They originally designed their gloves for military and photography in the harshest conditions.

The staple of their product line is the HEAT Layer system, where you combine various liner gloves with mitts and overmitts. All parts of the System link together, and the mitts have loops for your wrists, so you can take any part on or off without worrying about losing them, even in strong winds. You can open the mitts if you need to operate more delicate gadgets or fiddle with small zips. The Heat Company also produce heat pads, which should be part of every 1st aid kit for cold adventures. All their gloves feature small pockets for the pads, which will keep your hands toasty warm for about 10h.

All their products are exceptionally well built, and they offer great support should you happen to have any issues. We recommend checking them out for any prolonged activity in cold places.

Expedition Foods

Expedition Foods are a high-quality manufacturer of freeze-dried meals for expeditions and all other outdoor activities. Their product line features a large selection of dinners, breakfasts, and desserts. They are featuring a wide range of veggie, gluten-free or dairy-free meals as well, so all common dietary requirements should be accommodated. All their meals are delicious, easy to prepare and rehydrate reliably.

The dinners come in three different sizes – 450kcal, 800kcal, and 1000kcal – so you can pick what’s right for your needs and cut down on your carried weight and produced waste. Their meals are among the best expedition meals we know of regarding kcal/weight and price/kcal, which makes them an obvious choice for extended journeys.