Gear Highlight #2 – Mid Layers for skiing and camping

Submitted by Thorsten on 17th November 2018

Gear Highlight is a series of posts counting down to our Hardangervidda ski crossing in January 2019. Each post we will present a different category of gear we will be bringing on our trip. See all Gear Highlight posts.

In this week’s gear highlight, we are going to cover our mid layers used for skiing and camping. Usually, while skiing, we will not wear that many insulated layers, likely only a fleece jacket over our merino base layers. That’s because we want to avoid sweating too much at all costs, since sweating means you have to dry your base layers. After pitching the tent, the mid layers become a different story, though. We are usually throwing on at least a heavy wool jumper and maybe insulated trousers, because we won’t be moving that much, and thus will freeze more easily. Here’s what we are taking:

Devold Tinden Spacer Jacket (Thorsten)

Another great product by Devold of Norway. This mid layer jacket is constructed out of several wool layers with air pockets in between, enabling for a warmth to weight ratio similar to synthetic materials. It is still 100% wool though, so it maintains all the good qualities wool has to offer.

Devold Svalbard sweater zip-neck (Thorsten)

This is the heavy wool jumper used in the tent. It is a traditional Norwegian pattern, and a favourite of sailors and fishermen to combat the harsh conditions of the Norwegian coast. Has anybody noticed that I like Devold?

Norrona fleece (Lauren) 

This is an old model similar to their current Trollveggen Thermal Pro Jacket. It’s a simple fleece top – nice and warm with a high collar and thumb holes in the sleeves to keep your wrists nice and warm.

German Army surplus insulated trousers (Thorsten)

These light insulated trousers are originally designed by the German Bundeswehr to be worn under the rain overtrousers as an extra warmth layer. They are dirt cheap and do the job. I wear them as an extra layer while camping to not freeze too fast. Of course as with most army gear, “light” does not exactly mean ultra-light. It is likely that I will replace them with a lighter alternative in the future.

Rab Power Stretch leggings (Lauren)

Soft and cosy leggings from Rab. I’ve used these for pyjamas and mid-layers when camping quite a lot now, and they’re always super warm and very comfortable.

The next Gear Highlight will deal with our outer shells and down clothing.

Gear Highlight #2 – Mid Layers for skiing and camping


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