Team Fram are Lauren and Thorsten, adventurers and polar explorers in training.

Before we set out on our polar journey, neither of us had a background in adventuring, and neither of us had ever even been skiing in our lives. On this website we’re capturing our journey from wannabes to Polar explorers. If you are thinking about getting into adventuring yourself, but feel like you can’t do it, or don’t know where to start, we hope our experiences can help you to find tools and inspiration.

2018 saw us starting our fitness training, learning skiing near Oslo, and training for an Arctic expedition with Wild Norway on a frozen river in Sweden. In August, we headed to Hardangervidda for a summer hike where we tested our kit and practised our morning and evening routines and teamwork. In December we were back in Norway for more skiing and winter camping practice, and an attempt to cross the Hardanger Plateau in January 2019. Sadly, due to Covid, we had to call off our Greenland expedition and are in a holding pattern since March of 2020, hoping to be able to get back on the ice at some point. Our next plan is to go to Norway and see if we are still able to put what we learned in practice.

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